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Nosler 44 mag bullets

CubsloverCubslover Member Posts: 18,601 ✭✭
Opinions? Through the extreme generosity demonstrated by Dlrjj, I will now have a 44magnum lever action to hunt whitetail with next year. I'm already excited. I've loaded some 44mag before for a friend. Used a 240gr SJHP over something like 21gr of H110. He shot them out of an 8 3/8" Mod 29.

I'm already pricing stuff to reload for this Marlin 1894 that Dan has offered me. Cabelas has Nosler's 240gr Trophy HP's - $27.99 for 250. Do they make a decent hunting bullet?

I will either be using Alliant 2400, Herco, AA #9, or H110.

I think my starting load will be 23.6gr H110 behind the Nosler JHP to an OAL of 1.6". Hodgdon is showing 24gr of H110 as max and I know you can only start with a 3% reduced load with H110.

Anyone else load for their 44 mag Lever Action?
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  • PearywPearyw Member Posts: 3,699
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    My normal load for my Winchester 94 44 magnum is 23 hr H110 with a 240 jhp with a CCI LP mag primer.
  • buddybbuddyb Member Posts: 4,770 ✭✭✭✭
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    Nosler 240s will do fine.I have had better results on deer and hogs with hard cast 250 grain semi wadcutters.If you use gas checked bullets you can load them hot and get very good accuracy.
  • bpostbpost Member Posts: 32,201 ✭✭✭✭
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    S-L-O-W powders work well in a rifle barrel. I like the Nosler bullets but the Hornady XTP is used in a lot of muzzle loaders with awesome results.

    A Linotype metal cast 245 gr bullet with a gas check is also hard to beat. Any Keith style has a wide flat meplat. That front imparts a devastating impact on what ever it hits. The gas check helps scrape any lead from the front bearing bands of the bullet as it passes down the barrel. Many cast bullets have very small imperfections in the base that cave in when fired. The gas check helps maintain the integrity of the base assuring it is square and plumb on the base of the bullet as it travels down the bore.

    Good luck with your new toy.
  • SCorversSCorvers Member Posts: 2,063 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    23.5 gr H-110, 240 gr JHP or SP, and Winchester LP primers. Been using that load for better than 25 years in my Marlin.
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