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Chosing a trap gun

ranran Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
I am interested in getting into shooting trap. I have shot a little and really enjoyed it. I am a disabled shooter that needs to have a shorter stock. I wanted to know several things.

1. If getting a new trap gun what would be the best? Would it be best if I bought a cheaper new gun and cut the stock to fit?(please keep in mind that I will need to cut a stock to make it fit so I really don't want to spend alot of money on a gun if I can help it.)

2. I have a lead on a BT-99 that seems to be a fair deal. Does anyone have a stock that they would be willing to part with? The condition does not have to be great as I will need to cut it anyway.

Any thoughts would be great.


  • ChetStaffordChetStafford Member Posts: 2,794
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    you might want to consider a youth model remington makes several shot guns in the youth model[;)]
  • perry shooterperry shooter Member Posts: 17,390
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    Hello I Too whould go with a gun that is sold in large volumn that would have Buttstocks available Cheaper. You might have to cut and try a number of times to get proper fit.
  • Hawk CarseHawk Carse Member Posts: 4,322 ✭✭✭
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    Trap guns are routinely cut or spliced to fit the shooter; any sizeable club will likely have or know somebody who can do a neat job of it.

    The BT99 is a good single barrel trap gun. Get a trapshooter to give you a copy of Trap & Field, there are ads for stocks and stuff. If you can't find one here or some other site.

    I still shoot a Remington 1100 after years of trying everything on the market. It fits me (with some tweaks) and the gas operation moderates the recoil.
  • chuckchuck Member Posts: 4,911
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    The BT 99 is the work horse of the trap range (great gun) keep in mine you will not be able to shoot doubles.
  • scottbscottb Member Posts: 65 ✭✭
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    A Remington 870 will work. I pull down 21 or 22 out of 25 every week with mine. It works. Alot of gunsmiths will do work on stocks. I have short arms and have gotten a half inch cut off all of my rifles. No big deal at all if you intend to keep them, perhaps not the best idea if you want to resell them someday. Depends how serious you intend to get about trap shooting.
  • rollnblockrollnblock Member Posts: 384 ✭✭✭
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    the bt99 is a damn good gun. the bt99 plus has some added fetures. at any rate. get the gun you want. and go to a fitter. now mind you getting a gun fitted to you by a fitter will run about as much as an 870trap gun. look up winig stocks on the internet. that will give you and idea. You can also look up speedbumps stockworks. ken is located in texas. his sight will give you more insite. I can personally recommend ken as he has done two of my guns.

  • PinheadPinhead Member Posts: 1,485 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Some 20 years ago when I was shooting trap every weekend I had a dedicated trap gun--an over and under Superior grade Charles Daly. I shot consistantly in the 99.0 to 99.5 range with it and would on occassion use a Remington Wingmaster trap gun just for the heck of it. The only drawback to the 870 that I saw was that it did keep you on your toes in doubles matches. It was just my personal preference but I liked the feel of a 870 better than any of the over unders that I shot and I shot a bunch of other fellows guns ranging from Browning, Winchester, Beretta, Zoli. The best feeling trap gun I ever shot though just had to be the BT 99, the old version, but it is not a doubles gun. If shooting doubles is not in you immediate future, the BT99 that you spoke of just might be a very good option. For me at least, the 99 seemed to swing and track targets almost by itself. I started with the 870 and moved on to a Browning and then the Superior Daly. Most of the trap shooters that I was around seemed to constantly be trying little "adjustments" to improve their score. This is good up to a point and then it can be counter productive. My advice would be to find a good udes 870 and shoot it for a while, look at what others are using and try a few other guns as you go(most trap shooters I was around were quite willing to loan their guns for a fellow to try a round). Good luck to you.
  • ClaimbusterClaimbuster Member Posts: 38 ✭✭
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    BT-99 is a good choice, you cannot go wrong. Also, if you are OK with an auto, consider a Beretta 390 or 391. My prime shooters are a Ljutic LTX, a Browning XT O/U for doubles and a Beretta 390 is my backup. If I had any brains I would get rid of the Ljutic and Browning and get another Beretta. I call it my "slege-o-matic"
  • ranran Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Hello again. I bought the BT I was looking at now I am in search of a stock. I noticed that there are some stocks that I would what call a half breed that some people have built or bought that offer little to no recoil. They are kinda techhy looking. Does anyone have any idea of what or how to get parts to build one?
  • n/an/a Member Posts: 168,427
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    There are lots of stock makers listed on the net. Or come down to Florida in March for the Southern Grand Trap shoot, there will be large trailers set up with people that can make you a custom stock if you are ready to part with 1-2 grand..[:0]
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