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How would you go about using a powder in a rifle That is not in a manual for a specific weight I would like to try RL7 in my .223 with a 50gr. bullet but nosler does not give data for it but does give it for 40gr

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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    Call Alliant and ask them if they have any data for the .223 50gr. bullet using RL7. If they do they will gladly share it with you, if they don't have any data there is probably a very good reason. The last number I had for them was 1-800-276-9337. jim
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    Normally the lighter the bullet weight for any given cartridge the faster the burn rate of the powder to give best velocity. However this same powder may give too high a pressure with even reduced powder charges with heavy bullets . All powders are progressive in their burn rate and RL7 might just be too fast for heavy bullets in This caliber. My suggestion go with loads in the manual . Unless you have had a lot of experience in reading pressure signs and are willing to take a chance of damage to rifle or the Shooter.
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    From the Lyman Reloading Manual 48th Edition:

    Starting: 21.7 gr. 3009 ft/sec 34,200 c.u.p.

    MAX: 24.1 gr. 3330 ft/sec 47,600 c.u.p.

    The bullet listed was a Sierra Blitzking, but it should be similar for the Nosler.

    As always, start low and work your way up.
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    The indication with the loads mentioned above and this one is that Re-7 is a little too fast for this case and bullet combination. The case is only about 85% full volumetrically so that's another clue. A better all-around powder is sandwarrior's favorite AA-2015 since it yields good case filling and a significant increase in velocity at a lower pressure. Ramshot TAC is another good one and it's on sale at Midway for under $10.00/lb.

    From the Alliant website:

    .223 Rem. Hornady 50SP


    Case Minimum OAL
    (inches) Bbl Length Primer Powder Charge Weight(grains) Velocity(fps) Pressure(psi) Print

    Fed. 2.25 24 Fed. 205M 2400 14.5 2,795 48,500 Print this recipe

    Fed. 2.25 24 Fed. 205M Reloder 7 21.5 3,195 53,000 Print this recipe

    Fed. 2.25 24 Win WSR 10x 23.6 3,319 50,540 Print this recipe

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    experimenting with faster powders than usually listed is a good way to run into trouble. A pound of correct powder is a better choice.
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    Thanks for the info.

    All things considered I think I will stay with benchmark or w748 they really seem to perform well I just have a pound of RL7 I also have some 40gr bullets I will just use it with them for plinking rounds in my sons rifle[;)]
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