.50 BMG Powders

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I would like to see a list of powders suitable for reloading the .50 BMG and any comments by people who reloded with them. Thank you

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    Each powder manufacturer has their own powder or powders listed for the large capacity cases. Don't forget about the surplus powders:


    http://t6aluminum.tripod.com/Surplus_Powder.htm (links at bottom of page)

    From VithaVuori:


    For .50 BMG there are two special Vihtavuori powders available, 24N41 and 20N29. They are, like N100 series, single base surface treated powders. The burning rate of them is slower and their grain size is larger than that of the N100 series rifle powders. 24N41 is slightly faster burning than 20N29.

    Powders and Load Data

    Accurate Arms Powder
    Alliant Powder (formerly Hercules)
    Hodgdon Powder
    IMR Powder
    Norma Powder
    St. Marks Powder
    Ramshot Powder
    Vihtavuori Powder
    Winchester Powder

    Selectable links at:

    http://sst.benchrest.com/ (scroll down to list of suppliers)

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