Where to buy Sako actions

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Can anyone suggest where a person can purchase a Sako action?


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    Brownells used to carry them,....don't have a current catalog so I can't say if they still do.
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    Not listed inBrownells catalog #59, just Dakota, CZ and Ruger. Still, I'd go to the wedsite and send a question to the Tech staff. It may well be that they have access or can dircet you to the right place to get one. Good luck......
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    It depends on what you're really looking for. I know you said 'action' but which one and for what use? I'm not trying to be nosey but I want to get a better idea of what may be helpful.

    I rarely find anything unusual when I really want it, I have to settle for finding and buying at the times I find things of interest. Sako actions are strong in this catagory. They were out there by the thousands years ago and now they pop up once every now and then and don't last long at all.

    I spoke with Sako/Tikka several times last year and they both indicated that 'actions only' should be available for the M85 models as soon as the current backlogs are resolved. Obviously they are going to build complete rifles first before they ship actions alone.

    As for any other models from the past, the only suggestion I can make is to use the search function for the GunBroker Auctions and try a couple of different search terms. Then try to keep checking the various firearms websites that have For Sale sections. I have managed to come up with quite a number of actions only, still NIB and in the white over the last 2 years but each time it was by just checking some sites that have things like this for sale.

    I haven't gotten real good information and help from Beretta USA but I seem to have pretty good conversations with Sako. Don't be put off by the overseas phone number. Get an inexpensive calling card and it costs about 6 cents a minute for overseas calls. If this is a problem, contact one of the distributors in your area and see what they have to say. Both Sako and Beretta USA list distributors on their websites.

    P.O.BOX 149
    FI-11101 RIIHIM?KI
    TEL. (+358) 10 830 5200
    FAX (+358) 19 720 446

    Best and good luck!
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