h414 = mag. primers

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anyone here reload 243win or 30/06 with h414? is a magnum primer required? thanks for any input.



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    I have used H414 for 6.5x55 and 8mm and I find that I get more uniform velocities when I use a Federal Magnum Primer. Like a lot of ball rifle powders, it seems to be a little hard to get good ignition with regular primer. Just my experience and since I haven't run any scientific test it may or may not be true. I really don't consider my experience on the H414 to be all that extensive. I will say though, that in the 6.5 it gives better than average accuracy for me.
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    My .22-250 is substantially more accurate with magnum primers to light H414.
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    I reload my 25-06 with H414. I use a Federal Match primer #210M also it is safe to use there 215M which is the Magnum Match primer.
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    My 6.5x55 Swedes and 7.5x55 Swiss rifles LOVE H414. Just ordered an 8 pounder Friday.
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    I use H414 in 243, 270, and 25-06. I use CCI large Rifle, large rifle magnum and large rifle bench rest primers. I can find no repeatable difference in group size or velosity. They all work great!
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    I use the cci 200's and Federal's 210gm with H414 in both the 220Swift and 243. And it shoots very well. 243: 55gr. NBT is as solid as I have seen with H414.
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    I used H414 in some 243 loads with 100 grain bullets. Occasionally, I would get poor results that I felt were ignition related. I was using factory primed brass so I changed to IMR4064 and the problem cleared up. I had started using CCI 250's with H414 in 7x57 and did not find any difficulties. On the Mausers I use the CCI milspec which is a magnum primer mix and they work well. I follow the manual specs regarding the type of primer tested so if it says mag primer that's what I use.
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