Cleaning process problem.

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When cleaning my rifle I start with Hoppes#9 Powder solvient. I use that until I can see the shiney copper on my rifleings.

After removing all the copper buildup in my 300 win mag with Barnes CR10 and Sweets 7.62 to the point where i cant see any copper bulidup from the muzzle.

The problem is that I will run a copper brush through it again with a litle barnes or sweets and no blue will come out. So i know that all copper is removed. But black residue will come out after dry patching.
What is this black residue? If its not powder or copper from the previous used solvients. What is it?
Thanks for all the help in advanced.


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    Try Blue Wonder cleaner, it works better than Hoppes in my opinion.
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    Hoppes took the stuff that really used to work out of it. In the meantime several manufacturers have found that a non-sovent type amonia solution works wonders.

    I personally use the bore foam from Gunslick. It cleans barrels way better than I can scrub them. Just let it do it's work in about an hour and it comes out purple there is so much copper being removed in solution. -good luck
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    CR10 in my experience will break down copper/bronze brushes and that could be what is causing the residue. Read the bottle I believe they advise to use a nylon brush.
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    If you are using an aluminum cleaning rod, they tend to leave a black residue. It is caused by the aluminum oxidizing due to the chemicals that you are using. Try cleaning off the rod prior to running your dry patches.
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    probably a carbon fouling issue in front of the throat. Try using some butches bore shine or rem bore cleaner and shortstroking it in front of the throat for a few inches. Then go back with some hoppes etc.
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