32 S&W bullet info and powder choice

Anyone have some reloading info for the 32 S&W long? I reload several larger cartridges, but never anything this small. What diameter bullet does this cartridge take? My sierra book has no info for this round. I will be shooting in modern firearms, S&W 30 and H&R 733.




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    The 32 S&W long is a popular target round in Europe and most pistols that are used use a 32S&W long 90 grain hollowbase wad cutter. with light loads of bull-eye or other fast burning powders some of the powder companies have free web sites.The nice thing about the 32 hollowbase bullet is it will work in bore sizes as far as the bullet size for your pistol if you buy lead bullets I would also buy .314 but jacketed bullets you should SLUG the barrel.
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    I loaded it for years in my RCBS piggyback press 90 gr HBWC and SWC were standard loads for me. I have some old book with lots of loading data in them on SW long loading. I had a nice sw revolver but traded it off for a DCM 30 carbine. The Lyman book has three loads for 100 gr jacket Sp with SR-4756 3.7 gr min max 4.1
    Bulleye 2.4 -3.0 unique 3.5-4.0 Good luck fm
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    Thanks to both of you for info. I need the diameter of the bullet, There are several different diameters of 32 caliber bullets out there. Venator, is there anyway you can scan the loading data on your computer and email it to me? Thanks again.

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    I shoot the 32 S&W Long. The bullet diamenter is .313. That is what my S&W likes best. My barrel slugs out at .312 inches. Best two powders I have found are Bullseye and 231. Hope that helps.
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    I've had good luck with the Hornady semi-wadcutter swaged lead bullet and Bullseye powder.
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