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Im thinking of trying it out, I have a Glock 17 and im going to go into the stock service pistol class (I can use this gun right?), also since they shoot carboard targets you can use FMJ rounds right? i.e.- Cheapo walmart white-box


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    Yes, you are in good shape with a G17 and WWB.

    You also must have a strong side straight draw holster, either belt, paddle, or IWB. No shoulder rigs, crossdraw, back, or thigh holsters allowed.

    You need three magazines and belt carriers for two of them.

    Unless you get slack as a new shooter, you must draw from concealment; jacket, vest, or extra shirt. A good thing to practice dryfire before doing it for real.
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    yep like he said your good to go, you can also compete in esp with that set up

    best advice i can give is really read the rule book, and understand it, if there is something you do not understand, find out what it means, and practice going through the "load and make ready", and "unload and show clear" procedures, i see more new people really make more mistakes during those two procedures than anything else, that and muzzle control, it may sound trivial, and i mean no disrespect, but i have seen hundreds mess up, and really slow a match down because of lack of knowledge, take your time in learning what i call "baby steps", what i am referring to is procedures like "slicing the pie", reloading with retention" etc., above all safety, safety, safety, when unloading and showing clear remember after the last shot is fired, stop, listen closely to the so, your heart is pumping, adrenaline is flowing, it doesn't matter how fast you holster your firearm

    need any help do not hesitate to ask or email me

    ssp master
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    Yup, your set. (as long as you have holster and mags)

    Give it a try, let us know what you think of it.
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