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"A good case can be made for using Unique for all of my reloading for rifle, pistol, and shotshell." "A can of Unique, a few bags of different sized shot, a bag of Lage Uniwads and a box of primers, you are pretty well set up to reload your empty shotshell hulls for almost any sort of hunting or shotgun shooting you want to do."
These are quotes from the ABC's of Reloading by Dean A. Grennell, a renouned gun enthusiast, reloading expert and writer. Does this philosophy hold true today? Is Unique that versatile?


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    Unique can be used for a lot of things. It will work but in a lot of cases it would not be the top choice.
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    Could you load almost any sort of round ? Maybe most.

    Would that round be the best round for each gun ? Probably not.

    The best thing reloading does for me it to find that 'sweet' load that groups better than any other load in that particular gun.

    I do find than a couple of powders are the best choice for several of my favorite guns. Having said that, those particular powders would be a disaster in other calibers I load.
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    Reading several books has greatly enlightened me on the subject of Reloading. It goes without saying that there is an optimum load to be achieved or even discovered, but I just thought that it was pretty interesting that a powder such as Unique could still be so versatile. "Just any safe load for plinking will do" would probably meet most people's needs for the back yard, but then, on the other end of the spectrum, there are those like Mr. Grennell who actually pioneer this hobby/passion and there is no end to experimentation and development. I tend to lean towards the "back yard" reloader rather than the "pioneer". I have recently ordered IMR4895, H110, Titegroup, Green Dot and Unique to develop my loads and those should keep me busy for beginners. I haven't reloaded since the 70's and this will be one of my "retirement" hobbies. I've learned a great deal from this forum by just watching and reading. Thanks to everyone in this education process.
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    Unique is extremely versatile. It's probably the single best powder ever made in that sense. It may not be best for everything but it does cover a tremendous amont of ground. Works well in shotguns, most handgun rounds do extremely well with it and it's usually works well with cast bullets in a lot of rifle calibers. I love the stuff.
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    With Unique and H4895 you have 99.9% of all reloading covered from shotshells and pistol loads to 460 Weatherby Magnum.

    If you exempt jacketed bullets Unique is great in almost all rifle calibers.
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    Most of my handgunning falls into the "plinking" category. I find Unique to be fine for most of my loads. But a lot of the fun I have reloading is experimenting with different pwder/bullet combinations, I've learned that five grains of HP-38 pushing a hard-cast, 158-gr SWC is an unbeatable combination in my 6" Smith & Wesson 28-2. It just groups 'em so tight that it's become my favorite load.

    I always have a coupla pounds of Unique aat my bench at all times.
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