FN 49 7MM Mauser load data ?

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Looking for s starting point for a 7MM Mauser FN 49. Loads will be for target shooting only, usually 100-200 yards. Thanks ! Joe


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    Joe Drees,

    A good point to go with is starting with 35 gr. of 4895 behind a 140 gr. bullet. I can't think of what the Venezuelan's used for a load in the FN 49 but I do know the original 7mm Mauser load was a 173 gr. RN bullet pushed to about 2360 out of a 29 in. barrel. So, not extremely hot as far as what the 7x57 Mauser will do. Since you have one of the more sought after versions of the FN 49 just sticking with light target loads would be my choice of how to load for it.

    I am thinking too that the FN 49 may be a little like the garand in that you don't want slow burning powders and getting too high pressure at the gas port. 4895, 4064, 4320, RE 15, or VVN140 would be some powders to start with. The last four of that group starting load will be 36 gr. -hope that helps.
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    Good luck.
    A friend has one of those and several years ago we rang all the changes on it. Fast powder, slow powder, light bullet, heavy bullet; light load, medium load; normal sizing, set the shoulder back as far as would not split the case. We never did get that rifle running right with handloads. He finally gave up and bought a good supply of FN made milsurp ammo for his occasional outings with it.
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    For the record if you could, as I couldn't find it right off, what is the load for the FN 49 in 7x57?
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