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I've not been reloading very long and have been using powder available at Walmart - IMR4064 or 4350. I've never actually shot my reloads to see what types of groups Im getting. Just general plinking.

I reload for .243, .30-30, .308, and .30-06 currently. As well as some pistols but I've got that down good.

I'm going to soon make a large order of powder and primers. I plan to purchase several different types of powder. Probably at least 9 or 10 different. Name any and all powders that work WELL in the calibers I listed. I want to find out what my guns shoot best but I need a place to start.

Thanks in advance!


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    What are your favorite powders for rifles? I use IMR 4895 in my .308 and .223 loads and it works okay, but that's an area I haven't experimented with enough to be an expert on.
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    why do you not see powder very much on the auction side ??
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    generally how many rounds will you load from 1 lb of powder in 223 and 308?
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    I believe that IMR 3031 should be on your list. It will work with about any bullet weight in all of the calibers/cartridges you mentioned.

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    I will suggest H380 for your smaller bore rifles and H414 for the 30cals. These two are a hodgdon Ball powder. They work very well for my 25-06 and my custom 300 Win Mag. Also look into using Federal Match primers. The 210M and the 215M. The 210 will be for large rifle. And the 215 will be for the Magnums.
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    The MOST versatile powder is 4895. Either Hodgdon, IMR or AA2495. Use specific data for each though as each is a little off from the other when it comes to how hot they are.

    Next I would suggest VV N150. Great for the 30-06 and .308 and .243. I'm sure there are loads for it with the 30-30 although it may be a little slow for it. For the bottom end of that spectrum VV N140 would be anothe one to try. I also use RE-15, RE-19, And RE-22 for the above named cases. I am also a huge fan of XMR2015 but it is more for the smaller cases and may only really be effective in the 30-30. It really shines in the .222 and .223 cases. -good luck
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    Don't forget H4350 and H4831 great slow powders for heavy bullets.
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    Several of you guys occasionally mention purchasing powder from Walmart. Our superstores do not stock reloading supplies of any kind. Where are your stores located? What prices are you paying? I may need to contact our local manager and get him to order reloading supplies. Thanks.
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    I do not disagree with the above posts. However, I suggest strongly that if you are interested in accuracy, that one powder will not work for all of these calibers. I would stay with the 1# cans until I discovered the one or the ones that worked in my guns. Otherwise, you will be just producing plinkers. Nothing wrong with that if that is your intent. I have loaded for all of these (and many more). Each firearm is an individual. To get the most from it takes some time and effort. Just a thought.
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    Yes, Im not interested in one powder for all of them. I want to find which powder each one likes best. I need a list of all good powders that work well for any of those calibers. I've added some of the mentioned ones to my list.
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    Here are my choices:

    AA2520, IMR4831, IMR4064, W748, IMR4350, IMR4895, and H4350. These are not necessarily in any type of order.

    The 30-06 does better with IMR4350 and IMR4895 than any other powder. The 7.62x54R is partial to the H4350. I think the H4350 and IMR4350 are very versatile powders. The H4350 and IMR4350 in 30-06, 7mm-08, and 7.62x54R can do very well with all these calibers and a wide range of bullet weights.

    Our Walmart just quit carrying guns - damn it!

    Hope this helps.

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