Carbide die for short necked pistol rounds ?

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Carbide Pistol dies have spoiled me, and most rifle reloads are neck sized only.

Does anyone make carbide dies for any of the 'short necked' pistol rounds (357 sig, 7.62 x 25, etc.) ?



  • BHAVINBHAVIN Member Posts: 3,490
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    Yes and no. Dillon makes a carbide sizing die (sold individually or in a set) for the .357 Sig but not for the 7.62 x 25.
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    I just started reloading 357 sig.
    I use the Dillon Carbide die set (Very Pricey At $120)
    Ranier 124g plated
    Alliance Bullseye, I loaded some at 5.2g and some at 5.8g both work exceptionally well.
    Federal 100 small Pistol Primers.
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    Even with carbide dies tapered and bottleneck cases beneifit from light case lube. Not every case has to be lubed but it does ease the stresses on the press and dies when you use lube.
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