Favorite mid range marker

Anything with Tippmann on the reciever.


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    You really have to ask yourself this "will I be content with this marker in 2 months"? I went the same direction but after the upgrades I could've picked up the higher end. But wasn't worth change you dropped since it's still a mid level with up grades. Now if you started out with a used Automag or even start out with the rear end and you can build it up to your spec (it's like building a 1911). I also could have picked up a higher end used but ebay wasn't all that back then (not that it's much better now) but now you can pick up the top of the line few years ago for the price of a mid grade/higher end.

    So in the end I'd buy a used Micromag or just the body since the regular mini/automags hav a barrel that moves about. With the Micromag it uses a threaded barrel that will not move when installed. Also, after 2 months and you descide to get out of the game it will always sell better than a Tipmman with upgrades any day of the week.
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    Can't go wrong with a Tippmann.

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    My AGD EMag. My whole setup is for sale by the way. Tournament Grade stuff.
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    Had a Kingman and Tippman - both quite nice, but have to give the edge to Tippman 98. =o)

    Overall function was better in the Tippman - but I do admit, that the Tippman was one of the highprized ones and the Kingman was probably the cheapest of what they got - so I can't really compare the two =o)

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    Actually just saw thos forum before work so had to make a quick post to be number 1 [:D]

    I agree with the comments about not worth it if your upgrading. But a mod98 doesnt really need anything, it is good to go for your average weekend warrior. Then again, who doesn't like to accessorize their guns?

    Mags and cockers are sweet guns, hell they are getting pretty cheap these days so they can be considered mid range/entry level guns themselves.
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    Anything is better than the S than Walmart sells

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    Dont know what you mean by mid range marker 300fps is 300fps. But if you are talking about the size of the markers package for front, back, or tape men. Then dont buy a big bulky tippman for anything but a backman and even then I would not do it.

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    I think he ment the "price" of the mid range marker. What's a "tape men" Silver6?
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    Yoshmyster with paintball in a tournament setting also some call it speedball or by other names. But it has a playing field shaped in a rectangle and there is a sideline usually marked by tape of some sort. And each player depending on team strategy has a specific responsiblity. But just like other sports paintball players are classified in my personal experience by three different names for their responsibilities which are tapeman-works up the side line catching players in crossfires or sweetspots and trys for that good angle and cover fire for the frontman which is generally the fast quick type that can get a good push and cause trouble up front and get to the flag for a hang. And the backman lays fire on everyone all the time for coverfire and elimination of the other team,sometimes not stopping pull of the trigger for the whole match shooting thousands of balls. Spray and pray.[:D]

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    It really depends on your style and frequency of play. There's a reason Tippmanns have been the preferred rental for so many years. And it's not price, there have almost always bee a lot of wholesale packages cheaper.
    Their durable and reliable.

    They make a great entry level marker. But if you get serious, then you'll want to upgrade or use it as a backup.

    I didn't realize the price had come down on mags. In my area their still out of my price range. All the equipment I've bought I've gotten used.

    I'd much rather buy a used Tippman than Spyder. If a Spyder isn't taken care of, they don't hold up.
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