Who here plays, how long, and how?

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I mean how many play and how long have you been playin and how do you prefer to play? Here I will go first I've been playin since '96 when I had a talon and I got ate up and bought me a tippman pro-lite and never turned back. I usually like to play not too strict rules but on the honor system in a combo of woods/speedball. Lotsa bunkers and stuff in the woods while playin a speedball type game. Spray and Pray.

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    I have been playing for 4 years..
    Just rec ball

    Started out with a SPyder TL Plus and now i shot a Mag

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    I've been playing forever. Well it seems that way.
    I first played with a crossman single shot rifle. Then in 86 with a splatmaster and then to a nelspot 007. Then I'd rent at different fields. So I've been playing since around 1980. But started really getting into in the early 90's. I bought my first Tippmann in 99.

    I prefer indoor with building style fields. But also like rec with bunkers. I would rather choose my shots and make them count. I'm more of a mid to rear player. But it depends on the skill of the other players. And my own patience. I'm not one who can camp while playing. I have to keep moving. advancing, flanking. Or when I get bored just charging up the middle.

    Now I play renegade on friends property.
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    I've been playing for 7 years.

    I play mostly tourney ball these days.

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    6 years, rec and tourny play. I shoot a GX-E
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