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New Air Bunkers

splatzonesplatzone Member Posts: 81 ✭✭
OK i just got my bunkers they ship 3 day fedex for free.

i got 3 cans and 1 dor.. avg cost 115.00 each if you want more details msg me

after taking the time and setting them up.. I love them.. good quality and they take the impact great.. i unloaded a hole hopper on one.. every single ball bounched off no mess to clean ;P

the battery is a 12volt battery comes with charger full charge last 8-9 hours


my conclusion for the money these are worth it for a practice field or just a weekend player wanting some air bunkers

Jess Carroll
Splat Zone Paintball
7610 West Nob Hill #99
Yakima WA 98908
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