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New Rifle Powder from IMR

nononsensenononsense Member Posts: 10,928 ✭✭✭✭
First, a shipment of the new IMR 4007 SSC has just arrived. This is a medium burn rate powder with characteristics suitable for a wide variety of cartridges. Price is $17.25 for 1 pound or $116.00 for 8 pounds.

Hodgdon, which distributes IMR powders, reports: ?_oIMR 4007 SSC falls between IMR 4350 and 4064. ?_~SSC?_T refers to the new ?_~Super Short Cut?_T grain shape.?__ With its short powder kernels, Hodgdon says, 4007 SSC meters better than long-grain extruded powders. Accordingly, charge weight consistency is improved. Hodgdon claims that the enhanced load density of 4007 SSC will allow velocity gains compared to longer extruded powders. Hodgon reports: ?_othe shortened grain drops smoothly into small case necks making it perfect for classic varmint cartridges like the 22-250, 220 Swift and 243 Winchester. Users of popular big game cartridges such as the 30-06, 300 WSM and 7mm WSM can attain top velocities typical of extruded powders, with the precision metering inherent in this new product.?__ Click HERE for a .pdf file with IMR 4007 SSC product info and some suggested loads.


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