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Anyone were hear of a 4.6x36MM cartridge? Who made it?


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    Heckler & Koch:

    HK 36 Prototype

    Not to be mistaken for an early version of the modern G36 rifle, it was invented in the early 1970s and it was one of the first rifles (if not the first) capable of three-round burst fire as well as full-auto.

    It fired a special low-weight, low-impulse 4.6x36mm "spoon point" ("Loffelspitz" in German) cartridge, with an almost flat trajectory of about 300 meters, which, as I understand, was also its effective range.

    Furthermore, it had an integral 25-round magazine, which could only be loaded by pulling down the magazine platform and sliding a pre-packed box of cartridges into the open rear of the magazine. The recoil mechanism was H&K's usual roller-locked delayed blowback.

    Info source: Jane's Guns Recognition Guide book, by Ian Hogg.

    4.6x30mm H&K - H&K's answer to the 5.7x28mm FN. Based on HK's experimental 4.6x36mm cartridge for the HK36 ACR in the early '70s, even retaining its unique Loffelspitz (spoon-nose) projectile. Like the FN entry, the 4.6x30mm has amazing armor penetration, yet recoils less than a 9x19mm pistol cartridge. The smaller HK projectile appears to gives superior penetration over the FN variant, but this also detracts from the permanent wound cavity. Best against unarmored targets, but can be used against armored.
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