i'm almost read to start buying the equipment needed to start reloading. but i do have a question or two for you guys.

1) for a beginner, what press and other equipment do you recommend?
2) my pistol is a 9x18 mak round, is there a huge difference from a 9mm and can i just buy 9mm cases and cut them down? or are the cases the same and the projectile the difference?
3) of course i'll start at the low end and load higher as i progress, but what powder is good for a beginner? and as i progress?
4) should i load other calibers as well for practice purposes, even though i personally don't own them? my current calibers are 9x18 and 7.62x54r
5) i'm currently building a bench in my garage for this specific purpose. what other equipment/hardware should i invest/build?

thanks for your time.



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    Has anybody ever put loaded ammo in a tumbler to clean it?
    I would not think this to be very smart, but then i'm not to smart anyway. I've been thinking about trying it.
    Guess i could decap it all then polish it. Then reload it.
    What do you guys think?
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    I don't load pistol rounds as they are plenty cheap for the amount of shooting I do with them. As far as Rifle rounds, I would use the tried and true RCBS rockchucker press. You will need a scale,...and for your limited chamberings, a beam scale will suffice. You will also need a set of calipers, and a case mouth chamforing/deburring tool. I would use the LEE primer seating tool before the one that the press will use as they are inconsistent at best. That means shell holders for both. I primer pocket tool would be on the list as well. And don't forget the case trimmer.

    No need to spend money on chamberings you don't own,..so concentrate on those you can shoot.

    You can set up a case trimmer to take off the extra 1MM from the 9x19 case to make the 9X18 case,...and save cash. You will need to get a 9mm pilot for the trimmer as they usually don't come with those.
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    There is a HUGE difference between the 9X19-9mm round and your 9X18 Makarov round.The 9X18 is closer to a 380. For one thing they take different diameter bullets, 9X19 take .355 and the Mak takes .364. Also the 9X19 head size is .394 and the Mak is ..374.
    Try Starline for bulk Makarov brass.
    The "FIRST" thing to buy is a couple of good loading manuals!!!!
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