6mm Rem. loading

I'm looking for a load for a 6mm rem 700, pre 64 with bull barrel. Mostly looking for a good varmit load. Have tried 80gr bergers, and 88gr hornady, however not real happy with either. Never worked with this cal. before so any info would be greatly appriciated. Thanks


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    The 80gr Berger should shoot for you, don't know about any 88gr Hornadys.
    My 6mm AI loves the 80 grain Fowler with H-4350 and F-210M primers...
    Any 6mm I ever load for shoots H-4350 as good as any powder will and lots better than most will.
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    Welcome to the GB forums!

    "...6mm rem 700, pre 64 with bull barrel."

    If this is a Remington M700, I see no reason for the call out of 'pre 64' except that the 6mm Rem. cartridge was released in 1963. If this is a 6mm in a Remington 700, which 6mm is it? See what I mean?

    The term 'bull barrel' needs an explanation as to whether this is a factory barrel or if it's an aftermarket barrel.

    Either way, you need to establish what the twist rate is for that particular barrel. It's possible that this might contribute to your disappointment. Then you need to know the condition of your barrel; how many times has it been shot, what condition is the throat in, does it copper ready or foul more or less than usual?

    "...however not real happy with either."

    I know lots of folks that aren't real happy with some of their loads but they suffer from unrealistic expectations. You need to explain a little bit about the groups and the loads. How much development work have you done? How many loads did you test and do you know the dimensions of your chamber? Are you a consistently good shooter and is your shooting set up one that is conducive to accuracy?

    Every rifle is unique unfortunately and there isn't one magical load that will work for all of them. That's why we have to do the development work to establish where to put our efforts. Help us out with more information and let's see if we can get you shooting.

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