6mm-06 wildcat reload info ?'s

I'm having a 6mm 06 built and i would like to get as much information a possible about reloading it as possible, such as tested loads. Most importantly though i need to know if necking down 2506 or 3006 would produce the best results.


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    neck down the 25-06 brass unless you are going to turn the necks inside and out for a more close fit. If that is the case,..I would neck down the 30-06 brass and keep my necks tighter to the neck dia of the chamber.
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    The 6mm-06 is similar to the commercial .240 Weatherby and load data can be used as publish if you start with slightly reduced loads and work up as you would with any reloading project. You might want to do a search here for additional data because this has been asked before. Select the 'search' button in the upper right corner and type in (6mm-06) without the parens.


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