savage model 10mmL 2( smokeless)

the manual has loads and different bullets they recomend but
does any one have any pet loads? if so how far are you shooting ?
1 2 3 hundred yards thanx guys


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    44-45GR N110 has been our range that "seems" to stay consistent. Don't change primers, the manual says they won't shoot right,...and it didn't lie. Also, with a 250gr XTP, you will notice the sabot petals kind of fold over in front of the nose of the bullet when forced in the barrel. I started using a pair of fingernail clippers to clip the petals about 1/3-1/2way and that IMO tightened it up just a hair. that was all at 100yds.

    I forget the drop at 200yds, but a very small amount of daylight under the crosshairs and over the back bone,...you will drop the deer DRT.
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    A lot of guys seem to like 44 - 46 grains of 4759 behind a 250 gr XTP or SST (myself included). If I do my part, 1" groups or less @ 100 yards, under 3" at 200 yards.

    I've had good luck with 5744 (42 to 45 grains) as well, but keep in mind that this powder won't get you the velocity that 4759 will.

    Never messed with trimming sabots - hadn't seen a need to yet.
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