reloader 15 308 loads?

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just starting out with this powder.anyone have a fav load for 150gr bullets or 168gr bullets?thanks


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    Most of the common loads you can use are in this load article:


    I'm using the 155 gr. Lapua and the 168 gr. AMAX for the general shooting but I've been using more of the 175 gr. Bergers recently. The 155 gr. Lapua is superb for most accuracy shooting. You can mimic the Federal Gold Medal Match loads by using the Sierra 168 gr. MK with Re-15 which I think is listed at 42.0 grains. Mine are slightly higher for those two bullet weights (155, 168) but that's the difference between rifles and barrels.

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    Loads below from 22 inch barrel (Rem 700 ADL and Win Featherweight) and are hunting loads, not target loads:

    46 grains RL15 with 165 grain bullet gives 2700 fps with SD of 6.
    49 grains RL15 with 150 grain bullet gives 2850 - 2900 fps with SD of 12.

    42 grains with 175 Sierra Matchking is a friends best target load from Rem M&P - shoots around 2.8 inches at 500 yards.
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