Caesar guerini

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anyone own one of these and what are you feelings towards thme

looking to get one for sporting clays

i did get a chance to shoot a magnus field model and loved it although sue was not meant for clays but i did break 23 of 25 at 5-stand


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    Fired a few, never owned one. Very nice wood and metal, made in Italy, fancy for the price. One's I have shot (don't remember the models)were balanced very well and solid shooters. I would put them in the upper class of reasonably priced guns. Some of the models have fancy side plates and alloy frames, all the way to silver receiver with scroll.

    Unknown to me if parts are available.

    Hope that helps
  • bpa098bpa098 Member Posts: 763 ✭✭✭✭
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    thanks, sure was hoping to get more replies but oh well. seems to be more pistol guys around here
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