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Reloads for S&W Model 13 3"?

jcook01jcook01 Member Posts: 154 ✭✭✭
Hi all,

I picked up a model 13 last year, the 3" FBI variety. I've run several boxes of COTS ammo through, don't remember the weights right off the top of my head but neither box papered well even as close as 15 yards. Hitting a pie pan consistently at 15 was tough, may have helped had I bench rested but I can hold a three inch group easily off hand with my 500 and 45 at I think that I need to search for a load that's a suitable match for this short barrel.

Anyone here have experience with the model 13-3 with 3" barrel and what grain weight and powder type it likes best?

Regards, John


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