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Was told to ask on this board. I am about to reload a bunch of .223, and I have mixed GI, primed with Federal small rifle primers. Bullets on hand are 55 gr FMJBT Winnies, and 50 gr PSP Reminton. Powders on hand: 4064, H380, 4227, BLC-2, 4895, 4198, 4064, 3031, Rx7, and H110. The rifles to run them through are an Armalite carbine, M15A2; an ex-US M16, with a Fulton Armory lower; and, a Yellow River Hung Fong AK variant, of which nothing much is expected. Any suggestions?


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    I've had good success with IMR 4198 with 223's.I'd stay away from maximum loads with military brass if I were you.Good luck,Bob.
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    I use H335 but I have also had great successs with 4198 and H322. I mostly load the 55 grain Winchester FMJ or 55 grain Winchester SP. Both go well under an inch at 100 yards when I do my part. I use miltaary brass and fire them in a mini.mauser bolt action rifle. If you do not have one, I would suggest you get a reloading manual and go by the loads listed in it--starting at or near the starting load list and work your way up. I don't give out loads to people anymore as I have no control over their reloading habits. Military brass does tend to run higher pressures than civilian brass because it is thicker and had less internal volumn. I tend to baby my rifles and I use the lowest velocity load that is both accurate and will reliablilly feed and cycle the action. This is my preference and it is not the only way of doing things. Welcome to the reloading world--its a great hobby all by itself.
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    I use 4895, BLC-2 and XMR2015. Start at 25 grs. of 4895 for the 55 gr. 24.5 for the BLC and you can work those up to what you find is most accurate and gives good velocity. I generally start at 24 with the 60's and work up with them using 4895.

    The XMR2015 is 24 GR. max with a 55 or 60. I shot some 24.5 gr using 55 gr. and they were too hot, but it was okay using 24 gr. with the 60 gr pills. -good luck

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    Thanks for the advice, guys. I have been reloading since the late sixties, but have never reloaded for .223. I acquired another rifle in this caliber, so I thought now is the time to start. The Norinco AK shoots patterns and the shorty Armalite is no tack-driver, but I have high hopes for the new condition M16 Colt upper/Fulton lower.
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