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One more Brass Give Away

375H&H375H&H Member Posts: 1,545 ✭✭✭✭✭
A fella at our local Gun Club gave me a few 38 Special nickle cases , I really don't need it all , so if anyone can use some , toss your name in , this is my last night of work until Sunday the 16th , I'll pick a name out of the hat then .
Give away is for 1/2 of a gallon zip lock bag full of nickle 38 brass 1x fired ( remington ) I'm guessing around 300 or 400 rounds . Tumbled clean .
This is a good way for me to keep my gun room uncluttered , and clutter up someone else's [;)] I have a she-ite load of all kinds of brass , all over the place , vaction is right around the corner , when I get it all sorted out I'll try to help out the good people here on GB with another give away down the road [8D]

P.S. I will pay shipping to Cont. U.S.


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