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No Shortage of Brass Here!

gunnut505gunnut505 Member Posts: 10,290
I posted this here because you folks are the ones interested in reloading, instead of recycling for cash. Some over in GD would gladly sell the contents of this package for cash instead of trying to get more folks involved in reloading and shooting. Gotta keep the brass alive!
Herewith I give you a link to the AUCTION OF THE YEAR for military caliber once fired brass, including some 3340lbs or so of .50BMG, 6280 lbs of 5.56, and 2860lbs of 7.62, along with some neat containers, ammo cans and other collectible militaria.
If I bought it all; I don't think I could reload and shoot it all by myself, and I like to share. (MODS- Go with me on this one; if several GBers went in on this and won the lot, there would be some inexpensive quality brass avilable once again!)
HINT, HINT. Number|0&location=US_NM&cmd=keyword



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