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Camp Perry, 1,000 yard .50 cal Match completed!

5.565.56 Member Posts: 51 ✭✭
We had 25 Competitors from 7 states present for the first .50 Cal match at Camp Perry.
The weather was GREAT. The excitement from the first time 1,000 yard shooters was easy to be seen as well as some of the old mossy horn shooters from PA.
Match stats are posted on our website.

Camp Perry personel were present for the awards and made a speacial note to invite us back for more matches. Please feel free to come to our website for the dates and times under the EVENTS selection.

November 10, 2007
Camp Perry, MERF target match.

The Merf target range consists of pop up targets that fall when they are hit. There will be 3 courses of fire. Each course of fire will have 40 targets in it. The basic course of fire will be 1 shot per target to knock it down.

The aggressor course will have some of the closer targets weaving back and forth as well as several targets that will fall when shot then jump back up and will require a 2nd shot to put it down.

The advanced aggressor course will have some HARD targets that will require multiple hits to put it down as well as the weaving and double tap targets.

All Semi-Auto and LEGAL select fire firearms will be allowed to compete ranging in calibers from .223/5.56 through 8MM. There will be NO .50 cal or Cheytec weapon calibers allowed due to the destruction to the MERF targets

For more information please feel free to contact me at

Nick Mullet


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