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right now i am using 2 dillon square deal b for my pistol loads,1 set for 45acp the other for 357.for my rifle press i am using a lee turret press.i guess my question is should i sell all 3 and buy a 550 or 650? or should i buy a better dedicated rifle press? looking for opinions thanks


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    I know I need to read before I buy but what to read? I searched and only came up with the ABC's of reloading, sounds like a good start. Will this give me the information on what I need to purchase? I plan on reloading pistol and rifle rounds, can this be accomplished with the same equipment? .40s&w / .45acp and .223 / .30-06 I know its a lot of ?s but I dont want to buy a Lee 1000 if it doesnt fit the bill.
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    I don't like having to go through the set-up involved on my most-common reloaded cartridges, and for that reason have settled on 2 Dillon Square Deal B presses in .38 Spl and .44 Magnum. I also have a Dillon 550 with the easily replaceable die holder heads that slide in and are held in place by pins. With three of those, dies installed and set, and a powder measure for each, I can be in set-up mode for these three calibers, as the case head is the same size and I use the same shell plate and primer feed. I keep the set-ups for .308, .45 ACP and .30-06. Everything else I reload in single-stage press. I accumulated these over many years, and it did require biting the bullet, spending the amount of money required, but I think it is well worthwhile.
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