ruger .257 roberts loads

j3081j3081 Member Posts: 332 ✭✭✭
hi...just picked up 500 120 grainer remington core-lokts at a great price for use in my ruger .257 roberts.does anyone use this bullet and are there any pet loads out there using IMR4831 powder,,,i can't find any using rem core-lokts,,,now is it safe to go off of SPEER#13 manual for the 120 grain spitzer and work my way up to 45 grains max powder listed,in +p win cases,starting at 43 grains with my bullet seated .015 off the lands.opening day is about 3 weeks away in PA,,,my bride is p--sed off because i spend more time at my bench than with her,,,don't get NO better than that,,,been there for 20 years,,,MAYBE i'll pick up some roses along with a 175 lb buck from camp,,,she's a vegetarian,,,gotta love it,,,,,thanks guys


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