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I'm wondering if I am in the minority here with my approach to reloading. Don't do a lot so I have a singe stage press and use Lee dippers. Also use Lee Loaders for some calibers. Have a scale but that is about it. Am I the only one on what is probably the bottom of technology?

Real question is there anything that would make it more effective without going to the fancy stuff - perhaps a powder measure over the dippers, which seem to do a fine job. It is a little labor intensive but I do it for the cost savings.


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    How many rounds a yr do you load less than 2-3 hundred, IMO it's probably not worth spending alot of money on a progresive press and all the time saving gadgets.

    I use Lee dippers when I am loading only 20-30 at a time. for big batches (which for me is 30+) I will set up a powder dropper set as close as possible and wiegh every charge on a small digital scale.
    Bought a lee hand primer which also save alot of time when priming 40-50 rounds. I have only a single stage press and it works quite well for what i am doing.

    Shotshell reloading is another story. I have loaded 10k 12ga this yr with enough supplies to load another 10k. I use a Pacific 366 progressive for this chore.
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    Forgot to say that I also have a Lee hand primer. Usually loading in batches of 100 or less. Did just finish 700 for a M1 Carbine but that is the most I have ever done and it was probably a one time deal.
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    I began even more low-tech. A punch, a wooden block, some round balls, primers, wooden mallet, and a can of blackpowder. Knock the old primer out with the punch over a hole drilled in the block. Tap in the new primer. Fill with black powder. Tap to settle. Tap in the round ball, about 2/1000 over nominal size. Worked quite well for revolvers and single shot rifles which is what I was using it in. In fact I still use this approach sometimes.

    I'd say you're fine. I have a lot of bells and whistles but they're mainly for working on oddball calibers.
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    I started reloading about 43yrs ago with the Lee Loader and a plastic mallet. They came with a dipper and list of different powders to use. I loaded a lot of '06 ammo for my 03-A3 gor a few years until I could afford a RCBS Junior, and a dipper set, that I still have.
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