Shooting a barrel bad....

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I was reading the thread about shooting below the .100 barrier, and some things caught my eye.

One of them was the use of .22 caliber guns, along with 6mm, for much of the super accurate shooting.

My first question is, do you do that kind of shooting with .22 rimfire, or with .22 centerfire? Just how accurate can a .22 rimfire be?

And next, the author mentioned barrel life, and gave some figures that made me worry about my T/C .22LR barrel. Shoot, I've been shooting hundreds and hundreds of rounds through it, most of them hyper-velocity CCI's that zip on along at 1640 fps.

So, am I quickly ruining my barrel? I assume the faster shot is a hotter and more damaging load....what's your take on this?

Thanks, I appreciate your help.



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    You will not shoot out a 22 lr barrel. You have nothing to worry about.
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    Cool! I hate those '20,000 shots or 6 years, whichever comes first' kind of warranties.

    So if you'll excuse me, I've got to go out back and do some shooting....

    And thanks!

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    Don't worry about shooting out a rimfire barrel! Besides it is not really the bullet that kills a barrel but most of the time the load itself and some other factors ofcourse. Most of the time when a barrel becomes "bad" it is because accuracy goes out the window. The majority of the time it is caused by throat errosion. This is caused by a number of things and is most common in your higher powered and magnum caliber rifles! But from what I have found over the past few years is that insufficent cool down times in between shots in long shooting sessions is the worst for throat errosion. I don't have any more direct info here with me at the moment but when I get home I will find some more refferences and post them if you are interested.
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    My 1022 with a Shilen barrel will shoot 3/8in at 50yds with the ammo it likes. 22 center fire barrels are the ones that burn out at the throat with some of the hot calibers.
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    22lr is too slow to develop the heat/friction needed (I think thats what kills the barrel).

    I do know that it takes about 3500 rounds of rapid fire 223 to make a Mini-14 barrel useless over the course of a year or so. Perfect keyholes at 10 yards....
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