Checking casings

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For the straigh cases like the 45-70 and M1 Carbine what should I be looking for as an indication of pending case failure? The 45-70 is in a trap door so the load is fairly light. Do these cases tend to fail length wise or at the base?



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    45-70 will usually split at the mouth from work hardening before head seperation just ahead of web. Taletail sign is bright band about 1/4 inch ahead of rim. I have some that went 50 + times before the primer pocket wore out. Buy the brass without the channelore, it delays the first trimming. Aneal the neck every so often to help make brass last.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll have to take a look but nice to know where to look. I check the web on anealing brass just to make sure.
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