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I was reading in my tumbler manual and it says to clean the brass with one media and then polish with another. Is sand ok to use or is it too abrasive? I have corn cob to polish them with once cleaned.


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    Just say NO to sand. If you scroll back on this forum you will find several topics dealing with your question, and many differing responses. I use crushed walnut shells with red jewelers rouge added works for me. Welcome aboard.[;)]
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    Sand is NOT what you want get a big 25 pound of the cheapest rice you can find Also look at MIDWAY USA they sell all kinds. walnut corn-cob etc.
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    Think about this. Are you likely to get EVERY grain of sand offevery case before running them through the sizing die?
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    I use one tumbler and one media. I use the red walnut shell mixture that can be bought at sportsmans warehouse. I can see myself in the cases after an hr or 2 if they are really skrunky
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    I use Ground up walnut shell, the finest grind I can find. It should be small enough so that the grains do not get stuck in the primer flash hole. Otherwise you will spend your time with a pick clearing each one. Forget about the Rice. it is too large and soft.
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    Raw rice is very hard and polishes very good, it makes the brass feel slick.TRY IT [:D][:D] A five pound bag is about $3.00 [;)]
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    I have tried rice in the past, and have never had good luck with it. Walnut shells work much better for me, and I do not have to worry about Grains of rice stuck in the primer flash hole.

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    Forget the "Rice"...Corncob grit is the best buy. Walnut shell will dull with use...Rice contains too much starch and the corncob grit can be rejuvenated ( and holds the polishing media better). Don't even think about sand or glass grit...!!
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