.257 cal twist rates. Which?

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Just got a 25-06AI with a 27 inch shilen SS select match with a 1:10Twist. This will be a Medium sized game rifle intended for deer and Pronghorn. I want to shoot the nosler accubond 110Gr. Or some Sierra 117 gamekings. Some people tell me to get a 1:9 Twist for bullets over 100gr. Some people tell me a 1:10 Twist will handle 100gr up to 120gr. My gunsmith said 1:10 for this gun. Berger says for there 115 VLD get a 1:10. Shilen says 1:9 for 100gr and heavier. The problem is im getting to different answers from the pros. What bullet weight should i get then? Will 100gr be good enough for deer and pronghorn? I know each gun is unique. I just need to know if a 1:10 twist is going to handle 100gr and over.

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    Kona - the 1 in 10" should be just fine for everything up to 120 grains.
    Also, the 100 grain bullets should be fine for deer and antelope. There are many deer that are killed every year with .243 caliber 100 grain bullets.
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    Twist rate vs bullet is a function of length, not weight.
    As the Burger VLD is a very long design, and they are saying the 1:10 will work with the 110gr VLD, than anything shorter than that should also work well.
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    My 1-10" twisted barrels in 25 WSSM and .257 Rbts AI. stabilize VLD length bullets as heavy as 130 gr. 120 gr. VLD bullets stabilize normally at normal to below normal velocities. 125's and 130's require pushing the bullets to at or near max. I also got some 142's with this order and I can't get them to stabilize. They will probably need a 1-8" twist.

    So, in answer to your question, your set-up should stabilize 110 Accubonds perfectly. If you have any doubts, look at your shots when you zero and see if they are perfectly round or not. BTW, I think you've chosen a very good bullet for the hunting you mention.
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    Let's see if we can streamline this a little bit.

    Any of the hunting style heavy weight bullets up to and including the 120 grainers will be stabilized with a 1:10" twist rate. The longer, heavier, VLD bullets will stabilize at velocities ABOVE 2650 FPS. Slower velocities for these specialty bullets will cause them to become unstable.

    That means that you need cartridges with more case capacity that the Remington BR cases (39 grains) in order to get higher velocities. The 25 Hornet will not make the cut.

    That's why Sierra makes the statement regarding the need for the 1:9" twist, in a situation where a shooter uses a smaller case, those longer bullets will be stable.

    Virtually every .25 caliber hunting bullet will be handled no problem with the 1:10" twist rate.

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    my 257 wyb mag has a 26" 1/10 shilen barrel work for everything i have put down it 75gr up to 120gr
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    My 26 inch 25/284 Lilja 1 in 10 twist shoots all the 100 to 115's very very well....
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