Scope for CZ 452

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I am going to get a CZ 452 Silhouette. This will be my 1st attempt at target shooting. I have a Nikon 6x18 Buckmaster. Is this an appropriate scope for this rifle and .22 target shooting??? Thanks for any input....


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    I think that scope will be just fine to start out with. If you decide to get more serious, then start talking to the guys you are shooting with and find out what they are using. In my experience with competition shooting, everyone is always willing to talk to you about what they are using and, in most cases, let you try it out.
    Personally, I don't use anything with a magnification higher than 9X on my .22's but then again I am not shooting competitively with them (other than a .22 pistol for IHMSA).
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    Be sure an get a scope with an adjustible objective. A standard rifle scope will be paralaxed at 150 yds. This can really screw up your accuracy at 50 yd targets.
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