Making 25 Rem cases

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I need to get my Remington 14 pump action .25 Remington up and running. I cannot get 30/32 Remington cases anywhere in Australia and its way too difficult to import thanks to our restrictions. I read somewhere they can be made from 25/35 - 30/30 cases?

Does anyone know how it is done and what gear is required?


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    Making the assumption that you have dies 25 Rem dies already.

    Start with 30-30 Win or 225 Win brass
    Turn the rim to .422" diameter
    Cut a extractor groove, leaving the rim at a .049 thickness
    Full length size, trim to length, and chamfer the mouth.
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    Have the dies but what do you actually turn the rim and cut the extractor groove with? A metalworking lathe?
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    Yep, although it doesn't take a large lathe (a "bench top" size one will work.
    Insert a "pin" in the chuck, put the case over the pin, and use a live center in the tailstock. This way your tooling only needs to be run in a cross direction.
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    I have made 25 Rem brass from 30-30 brass using the methods described above. I had significant case failure when necking down directly with the 25 Rem FL die until I used an intermediate 270 die...no more problems. Hope this helps. Emery
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    The first rifle I got to hunt deer with was 14 in 30 Rem. I was way happier when I got to move up to a Rem 721 in 270 Win. One of those little model lathes "Unimat" are just the ticket for this work. If you aren't making lots, a good drill press will work. Make a mandrel from a grade 5 or better bolt about 1 inch long. Cut off head with hacksaw. Chuck up bolt and turn at medium speed. Hold flat file against bolt and plain forward slowly. Clean file often. Check often until mandrel just fits into case. Make sure to not hit jaws of chuck or file tang could become imbeded in your hand, and use safety glasses. Incert mandrel into case, lightly chuck up case/mandrel by neck. File all rims to correct diameter. Mark cases with fine felt tip permanent marker for correct rim thickness. Use needle file(s) to cut in extractor grove.
    Sad we half to go to such extremes to make brass for a 75+ year old rifle. Midwayusa.com imports brass for odd to us obsolete cals from Bertram Brass of Au. Maybe they can help. I have seen bags of new brass in 25 and 30 at gunshows in the last several years so someone turned out a big batch. I loaded 100 for a friends Model 8 in 30 rem he got from his granddad. His son got his first deer with that rifle and my ammo.
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