RCBS uniflow and H110?

Does the RCBS Uniflow have any trouble dispensing some powders? I know I've had 2 Lee's that didn't like H110. Just want to make sure this time before I buy one.


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    I don't know about the RCBS, but had a problem with H-110 in my Lyman 55 using the second slide.
    There are other posts, in Ask The Experts, about having trouble with H-110.
    I bought a Lil-Dandy and rotors and cured the problem [8D]
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    I have some problems with H110 in my Lee dispencer.
    For what it's worth.
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    H-110 and Winchesters 296 have some of the finest powder granules in production. Is your problem "leaking" powder when you use the measure or are you "cutting" granules, and getting different charges weights, as you use the measure?

    I'm going to suspect it's "leaking"! The Uniflow I had was very consistant with both these powders and had no issue with "leaking". If you can get a Uniflow at a decent price go for it!
    I currently have a lyman 55 and a Saeco "micrometer" powder measure. Because it's so easy to use the seaco gets the nod 98% of the time. It's problem is very small charges for cartridges like 219 Bee and 22 Hornet and for those I set up the lyman or "dip" with Lee dippers if it's only a dosen or so rounds.[8D]
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    I've used a uniflow powder measure with H110 and AA # 9 for more years than I care to remember-no problems at all.
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    Basic rule of thumb- Lee's cheapo Perfect Powder Measure buries RCBS when it comes to stick powders like 4895, 3031, etc. The Lee measure doesn't chop and bind, the RCBS does.

    However, the Lee measure leaks like a sieve using H 110, BLC2, and other fine spherical ball powder. There the RCBS unit buries the Lee.

    Hence, I own both.
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