I am currently looking to buy a 22 semi auto for a target gun and have narrowed it down to two. The smith model 22A or a Ruger Mark 3. Any thoughts on these two choices would be helpful. I would also like to know if anyone has ever tried 22 shorts in either of these.


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    I have never fired any of the model 22As from S&W. But i own a Mark 3 Hunter and i can say that not once even upon breaking it in have i had a jam or misfire. Great pistol. Wish i could say more to help you out. Good luck

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    I have a 22A and it is a decent gun. I am not fond of the painted on finish and it has jammed on occasion, but for the money it isn't a bad gun. It is a breeze to break-down for cleaning and pretty accurate. In my opinion though, it is probably on the low end of what I would expect from Smith & Wesson. If you plan on shooting bullseye or any serious competetion with it, I would look at a S&W 41 or the Mark II. I realize that neither of those are on your list, but they are two of the better competetion rimfire pistols on the market.

    Edit: I forgot to answer your other question. The 22A WILL NOT function with .22 Shorts.
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    Hello Teeke Blue. between the 2 pistols you ask about I would go with the Ruger. However there are many other choices. You said Target Pistol this can mean different things to different People. IE informal plinking at targets, small bore Silhouette, N.R.A. Bulls-Eye shooting. If you want to shoot N.R.A. style I suggest you find a pistol Club that has a bulls-eye program and try a number of pistols most shooters have spares or will let you try theirs. The Ruger has 2 items of interest you need to be aware of The grip angle to barrel is not the same as say a 1911 type pistol along with the fact that a ruger is a BEAR to take down to clean the first 100 times you do it. "1911 is the pistol of choice for 2/3 of the shooting in a Bulls-Eye match with the 22 as 1/3 " so many people like a 22 with a 1911 grip angle (Browning Buckmark ,High Standard, Marvel Conversion Unit ) Now as too your other Question 22SHORT a semi Auto pistol depends on the recoil generated by the firing of the cartridge to cycle the pistol . There are some pistols made for shooting 22 Shorts and some like a High Standard that shoot 22 Long Rifle have conversion units Barrel & Slide for 22 Shorts most 22 autos will not function with the power of a short. Also if you shoot shorts you MAY gum up the chamber and then the chamber needs to be cleaned to function well with 22 Long Rifle.[:0][:0]

    EDIT I forgot to ad my comment about the Ruger 22/45 this frame does have the same grip angle as the 1911[:D] However they are smaller then a 1911 Why ruger did not make it with replaceable grips that would fit standard 1911 size is anyones guess . But I personally don't like Plastic pistol frames. [:(]and the 22/45 ruger is still a PITA to take down to clean[xx(]
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    Yep I have both (well actually the Ruger is a MK1). 22A is so easy to break down but, as with prior comments, the painted finish is not so super. IMHO the Ruger is a better gun but what a pain to break down. Both shoot OK for my old eyes. Much easier to install a scope or red dot on the 22A since the rail is already there.
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    Ruger Mark III Hunter.[:D] Next Question.[:0]
    Edit: The Ruger also comes in a 22/45 version so Karl, you can add that to your list of Government type grip angle guns.I did not know if you were aware of tht or not.Jake
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    i agree with perry shooter. ive had several different types of 22cal. target guns and the browning buckmark is my favorite. very accurate nice balance and weight. also a nice looking gun.
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    Wow, you folks are awesome! Thanks for all the feedback.
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