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Bought from an estate auction various hard cast bullets. included in the lot bought were several hundred hard cast .223---55 gr. with a gas check (dia. .224). The person who cast these bullets was very good with his casting, however most were in popular handgun calibers and none with gas checks. Have never had any problems with those bullets, even at full loads.

I am considering the .223's, for an AR15. Any things I should be aware of or avoid?? Plan on reloading at the minimum loads recommended.

Have never loaded anything with gas checks before.

thanks in advance


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    A good gas checked bullet can be driven close to 2000 fps with the proper lub. The bullets you have will probably make good light loads for target of off-hand practice. A cast bullet without the gas check should be kept below 1300 to 1400 fps. Have fun.
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    Lube and lead can foul the gas port on an AR. AR gas systems are one of the most difficult to clean, with serious work required to clear the gas port.

    One of the few guns I wouldn't consider lead in.
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    Thanks Richbug, never even thought about fouling the gas port. Seems that I now have several hundred bullets worth of paper weights. might just post them on GB.
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    Use them in a bolt gun or a Contender. Put them up for auction, someone should buy them.
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    quote:Originally posted by dcs shooters
    Use them in a bolt gun or a Contender. Put them up for auction, someone should buy them.

    +1. I would buy them for silhouette shooting with my .22 Hornet.
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