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I have a Savage Model 14 American Classic in .270 WSM. I want to put a bull barrel and synthetic stock on it. Can anyone give may any suggestions as to barrel and stock brands and models? Keep in mind that it has a detachable magazine, so any stock would either need to accomodate this or have some way to feed ammo. Thanks


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    As far as the stock, check with Bell and Carlson. They make some great stocks! My Mod. 70 Stealth II came factory with one from them and I love it. There are plenty of stock makers out there but unfortunately the don't offer stocks for all rifles. My favorite stock makers are Bell and Carlson, McMillian, and Fajen.

    As far as the barrel goes Good Luck! There are so many Good barrel makers out there it isn't even funny! Shilen, McMillian, Hart, Douglas, etc. etc.. The thing I have found is unless you are a good smithe or have a buddy that will do a barrel fit cheap, you are better off cost wise to have the barrel maker fit it. And you usually can get them to do some other tunes for pretty cheap while they are at it.

    See I said Etc. Etc. Etc.! I think JustC would be quite a bit more helpful than I am!
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    HS Precision
    Brown Precision
    Boyds JRS

    Rock Creek
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    Thanks JustC. Nice Buck.
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    savage sells kits I belive that include barrel ,barrel wrench and most everything you need to change the barrel .I was told this by a gunsmith . here's a link http://www.savagearms.com As for stocks I really like the sniper/varmit stock by choate http://www.riflestock.com/
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