IMR4831 for 7mm-08

has any one tryed it. i load my 7mm rem mag with it and was wanting to use the same powder.


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    Hello IMHO 4831 is on the slow side for 7MM 08 I think you could load the case full and it would not be an over-load but might not give the best velocity
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    what would you sugguest for a nozler 140 gr bt out of the 7mm-08
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    4831 is a bit to slow for the 7/08 unless your using god awful heavy bullets in it, but 4350 should work just fine with all bullet weights...
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    4831 would not be my first choice for 7-08 but in your case I would use the 4831 as it may be slower than 4350 in FPS it is not enough to warrant buying a second powder.
    I try and use 4895 for everything and would for 7-08 and the FPS would be around the 4831speed.
    4831 is listed as a powder for this caliber and I agree with your keeping it simple and standard as much as possible.

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    For a 140 Nosler in 7mm-08, I would go with 4895 or 4350.
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    No, I haven't tried it and I won't simply because it takes a significantly compressed load to get the velocities and burned powder up to the point that they are reasonable. I checked back through several older reloading manuals that were written before Hodgdon bought IMR and found that both companies were calling for these compressed loads.

    The short story is that you will be using 3 to 5 grains MORE powder in order to get to the low velocities of what your cartridge/bullet combination is capable of with other more appropriate powders. The compressed charges boost the pressure but fail to get all of the powder burned in the average barrel lengths so you're wasting most of the powder used to get to the compressed load. Self defeating.

    You sound like you're already determined to use this powder no matter what we suggest so here is what I find in a consensus of manuals:

    IMR-4831 + 140 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip =

    Starting load = 45 gr.

    Maximum load = 47 gr.

    The only redeeming factor in all of this is that sometimes these low pressure, inefficient loads can demonstrate some degree of accuracy.

    My accuracy loads with the 7mm-08 revolve around using Ramshot Big Game. But if you check the Hodgdon/IMR reloading link, you see a pretty good selection of their powders for all bullets:


    Good Luck with your project!

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    Winchester 760 or H-414.
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    My best 7-08 loads have been with IMR 4064.
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