shooting rest for handguns

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what is a good brand for sighting in handguns?


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    I use a Millett Benchmaster. Check www.midwayusa.com and look at what they have.
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    Hello because a pistol will recoil when shot by hand you will find that the ZERO will change from that obtained shooting from a pistol rest .even how hard you grip the pistol when you are firing it will change the zero . Light bullets will print lower even thou they are going faster because heavy slower bullets will recoil longer and the barrel will rise more before the bullet leaves the barrel. The one thing a pistol rest will do better then you shooting from resting your hands and pistol on sandbags is it will allow you to test for group size with any given load. however the best rest will firmly hold the pistol and the trigger is pulled remotely. The Best of these rest is the RANSOM REST long the GOLD Standard in pistol rest. "PRAISE THE HARD-BALL GUN"
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