Barrel Break in

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I have read much about barrel break in on centerfires, but what about 22's. I would appreciate your opinions.


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    I personally do not do barrel break in's on rimfires, but I am sure the process is the same if you want to do it.
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    Read the Gale Mcmillan article on barrel break in
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    I break-in centerfire chamberings but not a 22lr. I also find Gale's version of break-in to be outdated. The advent of bore guides and coated rods virtualy eliminates most of the premature wear at the throat and muzzle, present only 15yrs ago due to negligent cleaning practices.
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    I would assume at the very least that barrel lapping would be in order to take down the bumps created when making the barrel. As I'm thinking standard .22 bullets would have a hard time 'wearing in a barrel' like a centerfire would. It depends too on how much of an accuracy bug you are chasing. If you are chasing the most accurate results you can get in a .22lr then there would need to be something done to the barrel immediately after manufacture to smooth it out.
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    quote:Originally posted by jedwil
    I have read much about barrel break in on centerfires, but what about 22's. I would appreciate your opinions.
    I don't worry about barrel break-in unless I'm firing jacketed bullets. Just keep the lead cleaned out
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    I'm not a big fan of the barrel break in process. I realize this may start a fire so let me go right to my thoughts on the 22 rimfire.

    I don't belive anybody sells a 22 rimfire load with jacketed bullets. Since lead (pure) is going to be softer than any barrel steel I don't see how you could "break" one in any way. I do know that I do not put a bore brush in any of my 22's and I have always had excellent results when the gun was put on paper. The cleaning rod is harder on barrels than the bullets you buy!

    I do belive the amount of money you spend on a 22 will buy you a better chance of accuaracy. I also belive that sorting your 22 shells by rim thickness will provide you with some tighter groups as well.

    Bottom line: If it don't shoot to your expectations out of the box contact the maker and ask them whats up.

    I have always said that the only way a maker knows they have a problem is if someone tells them what the problem is. Thats why the have a warranty![8D]
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