Redding Type S Bushings

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I am doing some research on neck sizing. I want to buy redding type S neck sizer for my 308. I need to know which additional bushing to buy.

These are just numbers im pulling out of my head. If a bullet has a diameter of .307. Which size bushing should i buy, to create a tight enough grip on the bullet without creating to much grip on the bullet? I have been told between .001 and .002. So in this instance i would want to buy a bushing that is a size of .306 or .305. Is this correct? or should i go larger than .002?

Any info on this subject is appricated. Im not to up to date on neck sizing. Right now i just normal necksize everything i have. Trying to take the next step. Thanks Kona


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    Remember you are resizing the outside of the neck. You have to measure the neck thickness x 2 and then subtract a couple thousandths. the Redding site and additional link for the ordering chart are here:


    There is a link on this page that shows the diameter you will need to order.
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    if your brass is say .014" then that means .028" + .308" = .336" is a loaded round with .000" neck tension,..so you would want to buy .335", .334" and possibly even .333" to find just which amount of NK tension will be best.
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    The Instructions for the Redding "S" Bushing Neck Sizing Die state, "you measure the outside diameter of a few rounds that are loaded with a bullet the same diameter as the ones you intend to use and get the average diameter. Then you subtract .001 or .002" and that would be the size of the bushing you need.

    My experience with my Redding Neck sizing dies using bushings indicates the instructions are pretty good. The only catch to this is if you start using several different manufactures brass, the variations in neck thickness will affect how a particular size bushing will size. Using just one size bushing, the thick brass will hold the bullet tighter and the thin brass less so.

    I have found it necessary to have no less than two and usually three bushings for each caliber so I can maintain the same bullet tention with all the different brass.

    Maybe you are lucky and have only one manufacturer of brass and then the .001" and .002" less that the neck outside diameter of your loaded rounds should work fine.
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