Berger 210gn 30cal VLD Bullets

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Anyone shoot these out of their 300WM? Any pet loads?


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    For some reason, these don't group as well as the 220 Barnes I've been using. I don't know why, it might be seating depths.
    I tried a couple hundred of the Sierra 240s, looking for that extra "hit"; but they really need a 1-in-9 twist to stabilize more.
    They make a 220 Matchking (#2240) that is the cat's *!
    I use neck tension only due to the lack of a discernable cannelure, and let them jump about 0.006" to the rifling. I chrony'd the last batch, and got almost flat SD. When I load them to max. OAL; they get squirrely SD's.

    BTW: made the down payment on a Nightforce; I pick it up next week! I also ordered some rings with a 20' cant; that oughta get me past a mile!

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    Good move on the NF, once you step up to a NF its hard to go back to anything else.

    Will post results with the 210s VLD ASAP.
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    VLD's can sometimes tighten up if seated INTO the lands maybe .010" due to the very sleek nose and secant ogive compared to the chamber leade angle. I seated my 216gr clinch rivers into the lands from the start and that is the best my match gun has ever shot, can't wait to try a match with em into the lands. Just work the ladder from below max and you won't have any pressure issues you don't have with off the lands, just maybe a bit less powder charge. I have some 210bergers I want to try also as the clinch rivers have been somewhat sparce.

    Let me know how they fly[;)]

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