Need load suggestions for .243, .257 Roberts

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I bought some light bullets for my sons .243 ( 60 grain HP ) and some also for the .257 Roberts ( 70 grain HP ). I don't normally load bullets this light for these two guns they both usually shoot 100 grain bullets. The .243 likes IMR-4350 with 85 and 100 grain bullets and the .257 likes IMR-4064 for 90 and 100 grainers. Anybody have any pet loads for the above mentioned bullets and cartridges?
Not looking for scorching barrel burners!, just looking for a starting place for target practice for the wife and kid.


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    H4350 should work out very well with those bullet weights in either rifle.

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    For .243:
    I usually use 44 gr. of 4831 behind an 85 gr. bullet. I have used 41 gr. of 4895 for a 75 gr. bullet. Currently using 39 gr.s of VV N140 behind an 85 gr. Sie. HPBT. I have also used 42 gr. of 4350 in my wife's Savage 110PE using 85's. She shot a .193-3 shot group with it.

    For .257
    I found a load I really love, 42 gr.s of VV N140 behind a Nosler 100 gr. BT. 3100 fps chrono'd. That load gives the best velocity with my very short barrel.
    Otherwise, I have used 38 gr. of 4895 for 100 gr., 41 gr. of 4895 for 87 gr(best load, I think) and 43 gr. for 75 gr.
    I didn't get good accuracy with my .257 with 4064 and with 4350 my barrel is too short to get the full burn potential. I got more flame than velocity.
    I think that with a good barrel length (24") and maybe a stiffer barrel, 4064 and 4350 would be an excellent choice.

    A word of warning though, I use only +P brass for my .257. It has 15 gr. more brass down in the web to handle more pressure. Start a little lower than normal to work these up if you are using regular brass.
    Note: You may eventually end up with more powder in a regular case. Just as long as you start lower with these two different types of brass. The reduced capacity of the +p's makes pressures go up faster when increasing powder charges at the upper end.

    -Good luck with these loads

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    [8D]I've had great luck (.509") group (5) with 44gr IMR 4831/70gr BTHP in my Wby .243. Now I have a batch loaded up with AA2230c, so I'm waiting to see the results---[:o)][:o)][:o)][:D]

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