Stolen M-60

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I am writing to you for your help at this time. As you may or may not know the http://oklahomafullauto.com/ machine gun shoot was held this weekend. Unfortunately some nasty meanies stole an M-60 from one of the respected Class III Dealers. The gun was stolen from a vehicle while in Joplin Missouri early Sunday a.m.
Fortunately this gun had broken at the shoot on Saturday so the thieves will be looking for replacement parts. We are asking for your help in locating the gun. PLEASE contact any Class II manufacturers, Class III dealers, Gunsmiths, FFL Holders or Machine shops in your area or any where else to be on the look out for this weapon or ANYONE looking for M-60 Parts. Spread the word and let's get this gun back to its rightful owner. This weapon could be very dangerous in the wrong hands.
The thieves will be looking for bolt parts to include: Extractor, extractor spring & roller bearings. Possibly more M-60 parts.
There are at least 2 REWARDS available for this gun so far and may be more later.
I am including a picture of a similar gun for recognition. Specifically the missing gun is a Rock Island Armory (RIA) M-60, Belt Fed Machine Gun chambered in .308. Serial # 10541.
If you have ANY information that could assist in the recovery of this weapon please contact Glen at [email protected] or call 214-762-4867. You may also contact the Joplin Police Dept Officer Sloan Roland at 417-540-6777 regarding report # 05-29469 You can also supply information to ATF agent Wes Patterson at 417-343-8632. The ATF agents have been very courteous and helpful in this matter. They would appreciate your assistance. I will be available to take information as well; contact me at [email protected] or call 928-854-3538 or cell 928-706-4867
Pictures of similar guns can be seen at http://world.guns.ru/machine/mg12-e.htm

Thank you very much for your assistance.
Let's spread the word and bust these jerks,
Bert Guy
Gunbroker user: big_gun

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