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What can one expect to spend getting started in reloading? I just want to reload one or two rifle calibers to start off with. Is it going to break the bank to get into this. Sounds like a good time and I believe I would take more pride in my shooting if I was firing my own rounds. I want to reload for accuracy. Any knowledge or opinions you guy could share would be great

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    You can actually get into reloading for about $150 with a good used or inexpensive(Lee) set-up. Lee sells a basic kit with a lightweight press that will get the job done. Keep your eyes and ears open though as good deals come up for RCBS, Redding, Dillon sets that someone wants to sell so they can upgrade. a new Rockchucker set-up will cost around $250.00-$300.00 plus dies.

    The reason people want to upgrade is they get the great accuracy a little more efficiently and get a better handle on getting better accuracy(easier to adjust to constant changes with some of the options out there)-good luck

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    hivolt,in your search don't overlook a Lyman kit.They come with almost everything you'll need to reload with,including press,scales,measure,trimmer,manual,deburring tool,and a few other goodies you'll like.just my .02,good luck
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    Get a Lee Classic Cast Press ($60 at http://www.midwayusa.com), some Lee dies (about $20), a reloading scale (another $50-60 for a good non-digital), and the assorted brass/primers/powder of your choosing. $140 for equipment, along with the powders/primers/bullets/brass. For this cheap a setup you'll turn out cartridges pretty slowly, but as a beginner (like myself) the slow, meticulous, safe way beats the fast, blown-up way.

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